Fire-Lite Datasheet

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100 Series (TM) Low-Profile Direct-Wire Conventional Smoke Detectors df-51726 Conventional Devices
2151 100 Series™ Low Low--Profile Plug-In Smoke Detector df-52413 Conventional Devices
302 Rate-Anticipation Heat Detectors df-50673 Addressable Detectors & Modules
30-2056B Infrared Flame Detector df-51582 Conventional Devices
30-3003 Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector df-60483 Conventional Devices
30-303 Explosion-Proof Smoke Detector DF-60912 Addressable Detectors & Modules
411 Series DACT DF-51735-a2 Communications Equipment
411 UDAC df-51852 Communications Equipment
411UDAC Rev 2 DF-60796 Communications Equipment
5600(A) Series Mechanical Heat Detectors df-52400 Conventional Devices
ACC-25/50 Audio Command Center df-52381 Audio Evacuation Systems
ACM-8RF Relay Module df-51555 Annunciators
ACS Series Annunciators df-52378 Annunciators
AD355(A) df-52386 Addressable Detectors & Modules
ANN-80 df-52417 Annunciators
ANN-80C 80-Character LCD Fire Alarm Indicator (Canadian) df-60676 Annunciators
ANN-I/O df-52430 Annunciators
ANN-LC Lite-Connect™ Module df-60816 Annunciators
ANN-LED df-60241 Annunciators
ANN-RLY df-52431 Annunciators
ANN-S/PG df-52429 Annunciators
BAT Series Batteries df-52397 Power Supplies
BEAM1224(A) and BEAM1224S(A) df-52399 Addressable Detectors & Modules
BEAM355 and BEAM355S df-52408 Addressable Detectors & Modules
BG-12 Series df-52004 Pull Stations
BG-12LR/BG-12LRA df-52353 Pull Stations
BG-12LX df-52013 Pull Stations
BG-8 Series Manual Fire Alarm Pull Stations df-50628 Pull Stations
CDRM-300(A) df-60713 Addressable Detectors & Modules
CHG-120F df-51708 Power Supplies
CHG-75 df-52220 Power Supplies
CMF-300(A) df-52130 Addressable Detectors & Modules
CMF-300-6(A) df-52365 Addressable Detectors & Modules
CO1224T/CO1224A Conventional Carbon Monoxide Detector df-60463 Conventional Devices
CP355(A) df-52383 Addressable Detectors & Modules
CRF-300(A) df-60379 Addressable Detectors & Modules
CRF-300-6 df-52374 Addressable Detectors & Modules
D355PL(A)/DNRW df-60430 Addressable Detectors & Modules
DATASHEET - MS-9050UD(E) - Fire Alarm Control Panel df-52418 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
Duct Smoke Detector Accessories df-60536 Conventional Devices
ECC-50(E)/100(E) df-60734 Emergency Command Center
ECC-50/100 Emergency Command Center df-60815 Emergency Command Center
ECC-50DA(E), ECC-50BDA, ECC-125DA(E) df-60763 Emergency Command Center
ECC-FFT Fire Fighter Telephone df-60735 Emergency Command Center
ECC-LOC df-60762 Emergency Command Center
ECC-LOC Local Operator Console df-60814 Emergency Command Center
ECC-RM Remote Microphone df-60760 Emergency Command Center
ECC-RPU Remote Paging Unit df-60761 Emergency Command Center
ECC-RTZM Remote Telephone Zone Mobile df-60785 Emergency Command Center
FCPS-24FS6 df-52301 Power Supplies
FCPS-24FS8 df-52310 Power Supplies
FM Series Electromagnetic Door Holders df-51410 Addressable Detectors & Modules
H355(A) df-52385 Addressable Detectors & Modules
HG/SHG Series Electronic Horns df-51591 Audio/Visual Devices
HPS-DPR Intellignet Low-Profile Plug-in Detector df-60622 Addressable Detectors & Modules
i3 Series df-52521 Conventional Devices
I300(A) df-52389 Addressable Detectors & Modules
InnovairFlex Conventional Duct Smoke Detectors df-60425 Conventional Devices
Intelligent Bases df-60059 Addressable Detectors & Modules
IPDACT-2/2UD df-60407 Communications Equipment
IPGSM-4G DH-60769 Communications Equipment
IPGSM-COM IP Internet and Digital Cellular Fire•Communicator df-60660 Communications Equipment
ISO-6 Six Fault Isolator Module df-60845 Addressable Detectors & Modules
KMS Series Bells df-51636 Audio/Visual Devices
LCD-80F df-52185 Annunciators
LDM df-51384 Annunciators
L-Series 8-Inch Dual Voltage Speaker AVDS861 Notification Appliances
L-Series Audible Visible Accessories AVDS870 Notification Appliances
L-Series Chimes and Chime/Strobes AVDS869 Notification Appliances
L-Series Emergency Communication Devices AVDS871 Notification Appliances
L-Series Indoor Horns, Strobes, and Horn Strobes - Wall AVDS865 Notification Appliances
L-Series Speakers and Speaker/Strobes - Ceiling AVDS866 Notification Appliances
L-Series Speakers and Speaker/Strobes - Wall AVDS867 Notification Appliances
L-Series Strobes and Horn/Strobes - Ceiling AVDS868 Notification Appliances
MA, MA/SS Series Sounders df-50736 Audio/Visual Devices
MDL3 Sync Modules df-51663 Audio/Visual Devices
MMF-300(A) Series, MDF-300 Addressable Monitor Modules df-52121 Addressable Detectors & Modules
MMF-300-10(A) df-52347 Addressable Detectors & Modules
MMF-302-6(A) df-52356 Addressable Detectors & Modules
MR Series Control Relays df-51131 Relays
MRP-2001(C) Deluge - Preaction Control Panel df-60441 Suppression Control Panels
MRP-2001(E) df-60237 Suppression Control Panels
MRP-2002(C) Agent Release Control Panel df-60443 Suppression Control Panels
MRP-2002(E) df-60238 Suppression Control Panels
MS-2(E) df-52211 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
MS-4 Fire Alarm Control Panel df-52266 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
MS-5UD-3(E)/MS-10UD-7(E) - Five & Ten Zone Fire Alarm Control Panels df-52416 Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panels
MS-9200UDLS(E) Rev 3 df-60601 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
MS-9600LS(E)/MS-9600UDLS(E) df-60334 Addressable Fire Alarm Control Panels
Multi Voltage Conventional Relays df-52404 Relays
OSY2 and OSY2A Supervisory Switches df-60140 Conventional Devices
PAM-1 and PAM-2 Multi-Voltage Relay Modules df-52068 Relays
PF24V(A) ExitPoint™ Directional Sounder With Voice Messaging df-60295 Audio/Visual Devices
PIBV2 and PIBV2A df-50961 Conventional Devices
PK-5210UD Remote Upload/Download Programming Software for the MS-5210UD df-51528 Software
PK-9600UD Upload/Download Programming Utility df-52239 Software
PRN-6F Printer df-52423 Peripheral Devices
PRN-7 DF_60898 Accessories
RZA-5F Remote Zone Annunciator df-52248 Annunciators
SD355(A) df-52384 Addressable Detectors & Modules
SEP-SW(A), SEP-SPSW(A) Dual Strobe Expander Plates for Emergency Communications df-60715 Audio/Visual Devices
SNAP Series Z Series ZRS Strobes, ZNS Horn Strobes df-60308 Audio/Visual Devices
SP(W) / SPC Series df-60330 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Advance Chime/Strobes df-52428 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Advance Mini-Horns df-60342 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Advance Mini-Horns Series (MHR1A• MHRA• MHRZA • MHW1A • MHWA• MHWZA) df-60297 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Advance MP120K 120 VAC Adapter Mounting Plate df-60523 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Advance Output/Evacuation Speakers df-60326 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Advance P2RHK-120 Outdoor 120 VAC Selectable Output Horn/Strobe df-60528 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Advance™ Selectable-Output Low Frequency Sounders & Sounder Strobes df-60803 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Output Notification Appliances df-52427 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® Selectable Output P1224MC Horn/Strobes,S1224MC Strobes, and H12/24 Horns df-52392 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® SP2, SP3 Series: SP2_1224MC, SP3_1224MC Selectable Output Wall Speaker/Strobes df-52393 Audio/Visual Devices
SpectrAlert® SP200, SP201, SP300, SP301 Dual-Voltage Evacuation Speakers df-51997 Audio/Visual Devices
Strobe Wire Guard Damage Stopper® df-60655 Audio/Visual Devices
SWIFT™ Intelligent Wireless Detectors DF-60833 Addressable Detectors & Modules
SWIFT™ Intelligent Wireless Module DF-60830 Addressable Detectors & Modules
SWIFT™ Wireless System Gateway DF-60821 Addressable Detectors & Modules
Synchronized Horn/Strobes df-51807 Audio/Visual Devices
System Sensor 12/24ADA and MASS12/24ADA Strobes df-51816 Audio/Visual Devices
System Sensor PA400 Mini-Alert Sounder df-50727 Audio/Visual Devices
System Sensor SpectAlert Ceiling Mount Series (SC Strobes and PC Horn/Strobes) df-52086 Audio/Visual Devices
System Sensor SpectrAlert SP2 Series Wall Speaker/Strobes df-5203

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